Able Caravan and Camping Club

The Able Caravan and Camping club has been set up to collate the information from campsites around the UK , the information that disabled people require when trying to choose their Holiday destination and style of Holiday. They have used the term Able rather then disabled because all people with some form of physical or mental issue can do something and would prefer to look at the positive rather then negative.

Just because you're are less able does not mean you cannot go caravanning or camping, there are ways and means of overcoming most issues that may arise. The Able Caravan and Camping Club are there to give you tips and hints, guide you in choosing the most suitable way of enjoying your leisure whether that be caravanning, camping in a tent, touring in a motorhome or even camping in a folding trailer tent.

So if you think that Caravanning or camping is going to be difficult or impossible then browse their website, look at the benefits of independence in camping, choose which is going to be most suitable and practicable then join their club and enjoy the Great British Countryside or coastline and say to those people who may doubt your choice, BECAUSE YOU CAN. 

Don't forget to mention that you found this information through the World Of Motor Homes website!
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