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Energy bull is the special cycle-resistant / deep cycle battery for hobbies and leisure that offers exceptional portable power. A true leisure battery !


The Security of a Major Brand -
Manufactured at the Austrian production centre in Linz ensures constant, certificated top quality in accordance with ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001and EN50342/1.


Banner is established on the global market manufacturing

some four million batteries per year.

For customers, this means the security of a major brand.

Banner is characterised by uncompromising, customer awareness, the greatest professionalism and outstanding innovative strength.
With the Energy Bull, Banner once again provides clear evidence of these qualities.


A True Original Equipment Supplier

Banner supply original equipment to  Dethleffs, Chausson, Rapido, LMC, Hymer, East Neuk, Wildax, Vantage, Wellhouse Leisure and Concept Multi Car

as well as supplying  Audi, VW, Porsche, Volvo,  Mercedes, Aston Martin,

Morgan and  BMW in the automotive sector.


Convincing Characteristics

Extremely cycle resistant and durable• Maintenance-friendly and operationally safe• Backfire protected• Reduced water consumption and self-discharge• Easy charging• Vibration-resistant• Battery capacity optimised for cyclical endurance with True battery capacities stated on label in both 20hour & 100hour discharge rates. Environmentally and user-friendly.


Where the Energy Bull is at home 

The Banner Energy Bull is an absolute specialist in the battery world and like any other specialist it performs its job perfectly.
It is uncompromising in its quality and ideally suited to a diversity of applications,
which include utilisation as a portable source for yachts, motor-boats,
motorhomes and caravans.
In addition, the Energy Bull is used in signal systems,
solar panels and electric wheelchairs.
Energy Bull is available in eight sizes from 60ah up to 230ah @ 20hour rate.

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