Baptist Caravan Fellowship

Although titled ‘The Baptist Caravan Fellowship’, reflecting its roots, the BCF is now considered an ecumenical organisation in it’s spread of membership and amongst the church families who invite our assistance.

The BCF has been serving the Christian community since 1968  fostering fellowship between caravanning Christians by holding rallies (or meets), generally between March and October,  supporting churches all over England and Wales by their invitation.

As the membership has grown, together with the popularity of caravanning,  it has  became necessary to split the rally organising into regional ‘areas’ and the present 100 or so family units between them will support some 20 rallies this year across England and Wales

Whilst seeking to minister to churches primarily, the BCF does aim to have at least 3 rallies a season just for it’s own fellowship and recreation.

For further information, please look at our website by using the weblink below.





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