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Loners' Group

 The object of the Group is to promote and foster a spirit of friendship between all members by way of caravanning and other activities.

For further information on Membership, Rallies etc, please contact Graham  by using the e mail link.

Motorcaravan Club of Ireland

Motorcaravan Club Ireland was formed in 1983 to act as a forum for those likeminded people who are interested in the pursuit of the Motorised caravan.

Motor Caravanners Club

The Motor Caravanners' club is the number one Club solely for Motor Caravanners.

As a Member you will be encouraged to make full use of your Motor Caravan all year round. Not sure what to do, where to go at the weekend then this Club is for you.

Members are allocated a Group depending on where they live. The Group will look after your needs and have a calendar of events for you to chose from, weekends, some extended plus meetings at shows around the country. You will have access to all Group activities through our Club magazine and on thier website.

The Nice People Caravan & Camping Club

A club for couples where time together and with nice company is a premium during the weeks as well as at weekends.

The Phoenix Camping Club

We are a  friendly National Camping  Club exclusively for single people who live and camp alone.  

Retired Caravanners Association

We are a happy band of social caravanners, all over 60, who revel in the freedom and camaraderie of the rally field and the easy going companionship of like minded friends of our own generation.

Our membership is currently approaching 3000 comprising of both tourer and motor caravanners and wecelebrated our 25th anniversary in 2001. We run between 60 & 70 rallies each year throughout mainland UK from March to October. These rallies are from seven to fourteen days duration and are so arranged that "follow on" rallies are within easy driving distance.

Self Build Motor Caravanners Club

Our aim is to promote and assist those who undertake to do a Self Build Motor Caravan and make this club informative, helpful and practical.

Members benefits include, Discounts from suppliers, Show entrance fees and insurance companies. Newsletters, Meetup's and full unrestricted access to our world famous Forum.

Please pass the word, if you know anyone with a Self build Motor Caravan or someone who is embarking on the perilous journey of building one, give them our address.

The more members and the more input from you all, the better the club.



The UK's Naturist Caravanning and Camping Club.

Rallies throughout the year throughout the country and in mainland Europe.


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