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E S Hartley

E S Hartley are one of the UK’s leading motorhome dealers with dealerships in Kendal, Cumbria and Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

E S Hartley are the UK’s largest Hobby motorhome dealer and also supply new motorhomes and campervans from Lunar, WildAx, Hillside Leisure, Leisuredrive and Jöbl Design.

Each dealership has over 50 vehicles on display with test drives readily available.

South Coast Camper Conversions

South Coast Camper Conversions have over 65 years combined experience with Volkswagen Campervans.

Their purpose built workshop is conveniently situated near Poole, Dorset on the magnificent South Coast of England.

South Coast Camper Conversions are the natural choice for creating well designed, high quality, luxury bespoke campers and sport motorhomes.

Greenline Leisure Vehicles

Greenline Leisure Vehicles are a fairly new name in the Leisure industry, but they have created their very own revolutionary concept for a campervan with a slide-out rear, for maximum space and comfort.

Added to their campervans is a slide-out pod, insulated and weather sealed, and light enough to be operated manually from inside the van. Inside the pod will be half of the bed, freeing up more usable space inside the camper.


Vanscape specialise in Volkswagen T5 and T6 conversions as well as fitted parts and accessories.

They have many years experience designing campers to meet the needs and demands of every customer, and offer a range of conversions to suit all tastes, balancing quality and style with budget.

Vanscape offer three main conversion options, The Ben Nevis, the Scafell and the Tryfan 

A1 Camper Conversions

A1 Camper Conversions are a family run business based in the beautiful town of Oundle in Peterborough.

Their passion for bespoke high end conversions originates from their Motorhome rental business which has been running since 2004.

They made the decision that camper conversions should move forward in the same way that Motorhomes have over the last decade. 

Sherwood Campers

Specialising in VW T5 and T6 camper van conversions, Sherwood Campers can help you create your dream VW camper van design inside and out.

Transforming the trusty transporter into unique, luxurious leisure vehicles for roaming, relaxing and exploring to your heart’s content.

If you desire more than the bog standard, appreciate top-notch customer service and want a distinctive camper that perfectly suits your lifestyle and taste - you’re in good hands with Sherwood Campers.

Your Van, Your Way

Jack's Shack

Jack's Shack create bespoke campervans and custom trucks, to the exact specifications of the dreams of others.

Jack’s Shack live and breathe campervans and custom trucks. Whether working on a brand new camper or a 60-year-old truck, it's the passion that makes the difference.

Bespoke Campervans

VW Kamper Centre

The Kamper Centre was established in 2011 by the owners of Countrywide Motorhomes to fill a gap in the market with the ever increasing demand for Volkswagen campervans.

VW Kamper Centre are able to offer a number of crucial things that other camper converters are unable to, such as:

  • A dedicated site with a large variety of both new and used campers on display and open for viewing.


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