ECA Caravan Rally Club

What is the ECA?

The ECA, formerly known as the European Caravanning Association was established in October 1977. 

It is a family club with membership open to owners of caravans, motor caravans and trailer tents.

 The club's aim, is to bring together like minded individuals who share the same passion for the outdoor way of life.

How does the ECA compare with larger clubs?

We are a non - profit making club, any commercial advantages obtained are passed directly on to our members.

What do I gain from being a member?

Reduced site fees

Advantage of staying late on the final day of the rally

Competitive rates for caravan insurance

What is a rally?

A rally is an organised gathering of club members with the idea of socialising and visiting interesting places. 

The majority of rallies are held on commercial sites.

 We try to arrange our rallies to suit all tastes. 

Aims and objectives of the ECA

These are clearly defined in our constitution, which is sent to every new member, with their Rally Pack.

Making new friends

Bringing together a community, on the rally field.

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