Gloforce Ltd.

Gloforce provide battery-powered LED lighting for a multitude of uses.

Why use battery LED flood lights? 

  • LED uses up to 90% less energy, meaning that we can produce the same brightness for longer running hours using the latest lithium-ion batteries.
  • Runs cool, no waiting for lights to cool down before packing away.
  • No filament burn out. LED’s simply keep on going with an average lifespan of fifty thousand hours! (that’s twenty years if you use them seven hours a day).
  • No cables = no trip hazards!


Eye-Light - The Eye-Light is the most versatile, convenient and all-in-one site light, work light, flood light and inspection light designed to deliver the light you need, when and where you need it.

Using the most advanced LED Chips, the new Eye-Light outperforms most battery floodlights four times its size and weight.

The Eye-Light easily attaches to either the Suction Cup, Rubber Magnetic Foot, Clamp or Rubber Magnetic Gooseneck.

It weights only 220 grams, has a diameter of 70mm, comes with a helpful LED battery indicator and it even acts as a power bank and can charge your phone.

DDB Flood lights - The Gloforce High powered DDB (Dual Detachable Battery) Floodlight range has been designed to be a full and reliable solution for mobile cordless battery floodlighting.

The new G2000 and R4000 has a maximum output of 4,000 lumens and run time of up to 28 hours, they are revolutionising site lighting convenience and work site safety.

At full charge, on both batteries, the R4000 will run for over 7 hours. If more hours are needed, dim the light down, or run the light from one battery, charging the other and swapping out when required, providing a continuous source of light.

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