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Tekscan Computerised Gait Analysis...
The most accurate reliable system for orthotics and fitting.

Since 1976 The Orthotic Works  mission has been to relieve and prevent foot pain by professionally attending to foot problems and providing a range of effective quality foot care products.

Now availble Aetrex Shoes and Lynco Orthotics

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Genuine Magic Spiker Ice Grips

Genuine Magic Spiker Ice Grips (Official UK Approved) by Magic Spiker

Ice Grippers Easy on/off

Reduce Slipping on snow, ice, wet grass, mud

Great Value

Walk naturally

Official UK Approved 12 month warranty

Design can be used on high heels shoes

in three sizes, 

Small/Medium  for shoe size 2-6

Large for shoe size 6-10

Extra Large for shoe size 10-14


Guilty of wearing your slippers to the shower block and walking dirt back in your caravan or motorhome?                            

Transcool Leisure Totalcool

Introducing the Ultimate 12, 24 and 240 Volt Portable Air Cooler for Cold Air Anywhere!

Transcool is a lightweight, highly efficient 12 volt portable air cooler that’s been designed and built for the Australian heat. Whether it’s keeping you cool in your caravan, camper. motorhome, boat or tent;  keeping a truck driver cool on a long haul journey, or just keeping you cool in your home, the Transcool portable air cooler is up to the job. At less than 25cm high and wide, weighing just 1.5kg, you really can take it anywhere.

Giso Microfibre

Giso provides super soft, suede-feel microfibre products, including towels, robes and cloths.

The English-designed robes and towels are super absorbent, lightweight, ideal for camping, sports and a wide range of activities.

Why is Microfibre so good?

  • Giso's Microfibre is very soft, super absorbent, hard wearing and very high quality.  Tried and tested.
  • As well as being so absorbent, it also dries itself very quickly, making your life a lot easier whether you are travelling, camping or simply using it in the home.


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