Motor Caravanners Club

The Motor Caravanners' club is the number one Club solely for Motor Caravanners.

As a Member you will be encouraged to make full use of your Motor Caravan all year round. Not sure what to do, where to go at the weekend then this Club is for you.

Members are allocated a Group depending on where they live. The Group will look after your needs and have a calendar of events for you to chose from, weekends, some extended plus meetings at shows around the country. You will have access to all Group activities through our Club magazine and on thier website.

As well as Groups within the UK/Northern Ireland they have a very active Spanish Group.
Also a Photographic and Selected European Rallies Group which is a Group within the M.C.C. whose special interest is rallying with other European Clubs.

Friendships evolve over time, many arrange to travel through Europe together.

Members are able to use their growing network of CLs, sites limited to five 'vans, their ever increasing Nightstops, many where you can stay for free or commit to having a meal. Some Members offer a free one night stop over on their driveway, how friendly is that?

The Club has secured several discounts for our Members. A list of Servicing Garages.
Disability help and advice. Touring Information and Advisors. Book discounts, Much more.

Tempted then join our wonderful Club and make the most of your Motor Caravan.
As a Member you will gain full access to our informative website including Forum.

Don't forget to mention that you found this information through the World Of Motor Homes website!
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