Falcon Technical Satellite Navigation

The Falcon Navigator is the Sat Nav for Motorhome, Caravan and RV owners

This satellite navigation system is designed specifically for the motorhomes, caravans and RVs with options to configure the length, width, height, weight and number or axles of your vehicle and whether you are towing or not. The full mapping for the UK and all of Europe, 48 countries in total, also includes many points of interest including over 25,000 campsites.

Many built in extras

Wi-Fi Search

 Hotspot-Locations Search

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Range XD

Internet connection whilst on the road is more important than ever these days and Range XD have a range of products that will prove highly useful.

RangeXD's revolutionary, patented antenna technology, enables WiBE users to connect in more places, at better speeds, than ever before.

RangeXD have products designed for Home, Office, Marine and of course Caravans and Motorhomes. 

Quotezone Breakdown

Are you looking for breakdown cover?

At Quotezone they compare over ten different breakdown providers to provide online quotes. They can provide cheap breakdown and recovery quotes for car, van and motorcycle.

Hubi Lighting and Power System

The Hubi is an independent power system providing lighting, 12 volt power and USB sockets.

The Hubi works by collecting daylight through its Solar Panel converting it into  electricity and storing it in a lithium battery.

The Hubi gives you a reliable power source for Camping, Fishing, Sheds, Greenhouses or anywhere without a mains supply.

The Hubi 2k and 10k Lighting and Power Systems are a reliable and robust Solar Hubs to provide illumination and power where no grid power exists.

Falcon Technical Satellite Kits

For UK TV reception as far as Northern Spain, the QuickSAT range of Satellite TV kits from Falcon Technical is what you need. 

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