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Torquing Diesel

Torquing Diesel are a specialist company set up offering high quality effective diesel tuning products which are easy to use.

The Torquing Diesel tuning modules provide a substantial vehicle upgrade,  whether you drive a small car or large motorhome - if it’s diesel - in virtually all cases there is a module available.

E-Mag FCS Ltd.

An E-MAG conditioning unit quite simply consists of three powerful magnets within robust stainless steel holders which reduce sulphur emissions.

Conrad Anderson

Conrad Anderson is a family run business who supply and install specialist in-vehicle electronic systems.

Their auto-electrical team are trained to fit all their products into motorhomes, trucks and cars with the work is guaranteed. They operate from a purpose built workshop in Birmingham, also providing electric hook-up and overnight facilities for motorhome customers.

Wunoff Exhaust Solutions

Wunoff design and manufacture exhaust systems for all applications in stainless steel and mild steel and are developing titanium systems.

Wunoff manufacture customer systems from sample, drawing or description.

Wunoff are specialist race and custom engineering arm of CPE Ltd. developing systems and exhaust components for all applications, motor cycles, camper vans, cars, trucks, motorhomes, power boats, static power units and light aircraft.
It's simple, advise them what you require and they will make it.

Boosters UK Ltd.

BOOSTERS UK provides comprehensive remapping services for most vehicles.  All new vehicles operate with an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which controls the engine emissions, fuel consumption and power.  

Viezu Technologies

The result of many years of research, Viezu Technologies is at the heart of the development of automobile technology and car tuning.


Glide-Rite Battery Guard Solar Panels

Prevent flat batteries with Battery Guard 3000, the most advanced vehicle power management solution currently available on the market.

Battery Guard 3000 operates by constantly monitoring the available battery power when the engine or charging source is not active. If the battery voltage drops below a pre programmed level of both time and voltage, the system isolates all electrical loads that are connected through the battery guard relay. 


Companies all around the world develop decarbonising products by reformulating existing chemical technologies. TerraClean though, like many medical and scientific breakthroughs, was discovered by accident.

TerraClean is the by-product of research being carried out by a group of environmentally conscious Canadian physicists in their attempts to create an ultra-low emission internal combustion engine.

Prestige Driving Enhancements

Would you like to experience more power, increased torque?

More information coming soon



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