QualKem by Repclif

Repcliff have been producing products for over 40 years and have produced for many blue chip companies such as Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Rowenta, Portaloo Group and Lakeland.

The leisure range has been developed using unique space saving bottles to offer the customer concentrate not water. All bottles have a clever reservoir with accurate dosing measures to ensure correct dosing to avoid waste and thus save the customer money. 40shot gives you 40 doses of product from one 1L bottle where as the 7shot gives you over 4L of product from one 630ml bottle.

The 40shot Range has been developed to be Environmentally Friendly, biodegradable and pH neutral making them all Septic Tank safe, they also include a built-in water softerner to help combate limescale in hard water areas: -

40shot Cassette Toilet: A high quality Formaldehyde free Cassette Toilet Fluid which is both flush and waste fluid in one, with a long lasting fragrance and easy wipe dye.

40shot Eco Green Cassette Toilet (New for 2017):  A unique environmentally safe cassette toilet fluid developed to be Biocide free, Enzymatic free & Probiotic free, making this the first on the market to make this claim. We have also removed the dye and given it a fresh floral fragrance.

40shot Pink Flush (New for 2017): A hygienic flush fluid with a complimentary fragrance to the 40shot Cassette Toilet, formulated to ensure cleanliness and give you an effortless flush. Product can be decanted in to a trigger spray to produce a daily toilet fresh spray.

40shot RV Fluid (New for 2017): A dedicated highly concentrated Formaldehyde free holding tank formula for macerator & marine toilets used on Motorhomes, RV’s, Boats, Barges and Marine Vessels. This long lasting fluid is designed to treat waste for up to 14 days.

40shot Exterior Multi Clean: A high quality 3 in 1 Vehicle Exterior Cleaner (Wash, Wax and Anti-Static). This concentrate with easy use measure (25ml per 10L water) has a built-in Anti-Static agent to repel dirt, it contains Carnauba Wax for the perfect sheen and will remove dirt, black streak and winter algae to give your vehicle that high end showroom look.

40shot Dish ‘N’ Treat: A unique high quality Washing-up Liquid & Grey Waste Tank cleaner in one. This concentrate with easy use measure (25ml per dose) is hand safe with a pleasant Citrus fragrance. Reduces deposits and grease contamination in your waste tank and proactively cleans your waste water holding tank via your washing up water, also can also be used directly via the plug hole of your kitchen or bathroom sink, or shower, to proactively treat & freshen pipes and tank.

The 7shot Range is a unique 7 bottles in 1 concept range of quality cleaning products. It’s concentrate so just add water. The range consists of: -

Interior Multi Clean: Anti-bacterial formula with added anti-static, designed for Interior surfaces, showers, sinks, fridges, windows, toilets, and any acrylic & Chrome surface. Built-in anti-mildew agent.

Black Streak Remover: Anti-static, multi-purpose spot remover for stubborn stains, black streaks and winter algae, leaving a waxed showroom finish.

Carpet and Upholstery: Cleans curtains, carpets and soft furnishings, designed with a built-in water softener for hard water areas. A great spot remover for accidental spillages.

Avocado Polish: Multi-function polish with added avocado oil for polishing all smooth and porous surfaces. Suitable for bodywork & trim, furniture, leather, glass, wood and plastics.

Additional lines:

Pristeane (New for 2017): A great universal bleach free stain and tannin remover for melamine, ceramics, china, stainless steel. Removes tannin stains caused by tea, coffee, wine and juice. Designed for cups, teapots, flasks, mug flasks and cutlery. It cleans, de-stains and deodorises in one product.

Melamine Soak: A bleach free tannin remover for melamine products. It cleans, de-stains and deodorises in one product.

Freshen Up: Cleans and descales cassette toilet waste tanks. Removes dirt and limescale from cassette toilet waste holding tanks leaving it with an apple fresh scent.

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