The Phoenix Camping Club

We are a  friendly National Camping  Club exclusively for single people who live and camp alone.  

 We try to arrange a full and interesting programme of meets held all over the country.  Details of these meets are published in the newsletter which will be sent to if you join.   Many of our meets are either on Camping and Caravanning Club sites or Caravan Club sites along with private sites and
greenfield sites.   

All activities that take place at any meet are open to every member and we all do our utmost to ensure that no one ever feels left out.

None of the activities are compulsory but we do try hard to ensure that everyone is included in everything, if they so wish.  Most meets will include a walk¸ visit to place of interest, a meal out or trip to the local pub.  Sometimes the whole group will go out together, other times its splits into smaller groups all doing something different.  But unless you want to be on your own, you won’t be.  There will be a group doing something you would enjoy.

Should you wish to join, please contact Sue Britten by emailing her on Sue will be happy to send you an application form and if there is anything you would like to discuss before joining, please do give Sue a ring on the number below. 

The Phoenix club now has it's own website for further information.


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