Thetford Raise Their Toilet Seats

Get up and down easily with the new Thetford Toilet Seat Raiser


Available for the C2/C3/C4 and C200.
Thetford is raising your toilet comfort to
a higher level. 


Sometimes it would be nice if your toilet has a more comfortable seating height. That would make sitting down and standing up easier, especially if you’re a bit stiff in the morning, or just because you’re tall or prefer a higher seat. 

The Thetford toilet seat raisers are made to perfectly fit the C200 and C2/C3/C4 cassettes in the Thetford portfolio. It raises the seating height by approximately 7 cm which makes a big difference in comfort. 


Set the seat

The Thetford Toilet Seat Raiser is made to the same quality as the Thetford toilets C200 and C2/C3/C4. To install the seat raiser, you only have to remove the seat and cover, put the seat raiser in position and fix the seat and cover again.



The Thetford Seat Raiser will be available for the C200 and the C2/C3/C4 and will be white, matching the colour of these toilets. A clear instruction for this easy set-up is included or check

The Thetford Toilet Seat Raisers will be available at the dealer as from season 2019. Check the dealer locator for your nearest Thetford dealer at

Posted: 26 Mar 2019