K9 Gates

You want fresh air in your motorhome or caravan, you want the door open to meet and greet or just to see the world go by.

BUT wait -- the dogs will get out and wander off - or even your young children will toddle to the door and fall out!

K9 Gates have the answer for you ----

Specially designed to easily fit into your motorhome or caravan doorway, K9gates work without the need for any permanent fixings, screws or holes.

Perfect Pets

Perfect Pets manufacturer and stock quality dog products for safety, training and normal walking.

Leads, car harness, padded collars, stop pulling leads and collars, Waterproof Dog Coats and lots more.

Doggy Bag

The Doggy Bag from The Microfibre Store dries and cleans your pooch in minutes.

The Microfibre Store Doggy Bag has been created by the experts with many many years’ experience with all things Microfibre, especially mops, cloths, towels and robes.

The Doggy Bag doesn’t just absorb ten times more water and slobber, but sand and mud too! Leave it in the car, zip your pooch up and man’s best friend will be dry before you get home!

  • Ideal to keep in the car for after walkies

Giso Microfibre

Giso provides super soft, suede-feel microfibre products, including towels, robes and cloths.

The English-designed robes and towels are super absorbent, lightweight, ideal for camping, sports and a wide range of activities.

Why is Microfibre so good?

  • Giso's Microfibre is very soft, super absorbent, hard wearing and very high quality.  Tried and tested.
  • As well as being so absorbent, it also dries itself very quickly, making your life a lot easier whether you are travelling, camping or simply using it in the home.

The Insurance Emporium

The Insurance Emporium - Caravan Insurance

Choose your own adventure with caravan insurance from The Insurance Emporium! Whether you want to take to the roads in your touring caravan or simply stay by the sea in your static, flexible caravan insurance from the Emporium could cover you in the event of the unexpected.

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