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Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company provides freight, passenger and vehicle services between the port of Douglas and four ports in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The aim is to provide consistent services with convenient and fast crossing times and to offer a wide range of promotional fares to the travelling public.

Fastcraft and conventional vessels make up a modern fleet providing high levels of on-board service.

Spanish National Tourist Office

A trip to Spain is a celebration of diversity, an opportunity to enjoy our excellent climate, excellent cuisine, and joie de vivre. But also, it is a chance to discover our exceptional monumental heritage; to experience our unique, dazzling natural environment; to become acquainted with the customs of our people, and to share with them their holiday celebrations and popular traditions. Taking a trip to Spain means to live an experience that you will never forget.

Go-Box (Austrian Toll Box)

The toll system, which does not require the driver to stop or use a certain lane while the toll is collected, has been in operation since January 1, 2004.

All vehicles with a maximum admissible weight of more than 3.5 t must be equipped with an on-board device, called a GO-Box. Failure to do so will result in a hefty fine (see below)The GO-Box registers every passage underneath a toll gantry via a microwave signal.

Brit Stops

Inspired by the France Passion scheme, Brit Stops is a network of hosted pit stops all over Britian, where Motorhome tourists can rest, stop over, meet local people and enjoy local produce.

Brit Stops operates on a no-charge basis, with no fees to stay with each host, but the opportunity to browse their wares and discover new things.

Camperstop Europe 2019 Edition

Over 10,750 Motorhome Stopovers to discover in Europe!

Over a million motorhomes drive through Europe every year, so it is important that motorhomers are well informed about the nightstops when travelling. 

Ignorance concerning matters such as legislation, overnight stops and motorhome service points, causes irritation and reduces the fun of travelling with the motorhome.

Camperstop Europe offers extensive information for motorhomers

Motorhome Travel Agency

The Motorhome Travel Agency Ltd offer two services; Driver Training is your one stop-shop to a C1 Driving Licence Entitlement training course. 

Courses are broken up into three simple steps.
Step 1: Basic Medical & Provisional Licence Application
Step 2: The Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception Theory Tests
Step 3: Your Practical Training & Test
Launching soon!

SeaBridge Tours

SeaBridge Tours specialise in overseas Motorhome Shipping and Motorhome Tours.

Ship your own Motorhome, complete with all it's personal contents to top locations all over the world!

Ports include:

Driver Developments

Driver Developments offer driver training to suit most needs from the complete beginner to somebody who is just looking for a refresher lesson.

They also offer various levels of trailer training from the complete novice to towing or somebody who now needs to pass their B+E test.
Driver Developments can offer various courses tailored to individual needs.

Trailer Training


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