Weinsberg Caravans

Weinsberg Caravans are the best value for money Touring Caravans in the UK.

Often better value then a pre-owned caravan! Why buy a used caravan when you can have a brand new model for the same, or very possibly, less cost?

Rationality meets style. Both Weinsberg caravans are real multi‐talented vehicles Anyone looking for a WEINSBERG caravan is spoilt for choice. Because the CaraOne and the CaraTwo are excellent caravans that combine and unite all of our best characteristics. They are fully equipped, processed in a high‐quality fashion and offer an unbeatable price‐performance ratio. Which one will become yours is only a matter of taste. A modern classic or an extravagant trendsetter? Weinsberg believe: Whatever you choose – you’ll be making the right choice!

These breathtaking affordable caravans are designed by German manufacturer KNAUS. A range of touring and seasonal pitch caravans that offers accommodation from 2 to 7 berths. They all come with a unique standard specification for the UK and Ireland.

WEINSBERG CaraOne - The classic. Your holidays start now. With your new CaraOne, you are perfectly equipped for your next camping adventure. Thanks to its superb rolling characteristics and excellent aerodynamics, the CaraOne holds the road perfectly.

WEINSBERG CaraTwo - The modern designer caravan. You love to camp, but a "standard" caravan is too conventional? You place value on quality, but aren’t too keen about having an empty wallet? Do you love modern design that convinces in day‐to‐day use as much as it does while cruising down the boardwalk?Then our new CaraTwo is the perfect vehicle for you.

Light weight, space saving, fixed bed 3.9 metre that can be safely and economically towed by a smaller car right up to a 7.4 metre leviathan perfect for that seasonal pitch, from only £12,199 including a 5 year warranty.

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