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Bailey of Bristol – Manufacturer

About the Company

Bailey caravans have been developed using seventy years of experience in caravan design and are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility to provide the very best in touring home quality and value.

The current line up features models from the Alicanto Grande, Discovery, Phoenix, Pegasus Grande and Unicorn Black ranges – Caravans that feature the ground-breaking Alu-Tech body shell design.

Weatherproof Shell Keeps You Warm and Dry

  • Panel thicknesses of: Sides 37mm, Ceiling 37mm & Floor 44mm. High density polystyrene insulation for side and roof panels. Additional insulation of pipe runs and wheel box.
  • First line of defence ingress prevention. Five part panel as opposed to nine part panel assembly system means there is one less exterior seam. Structural interlocking aluminium extrusion external framework with no external fixing points and an integral water management system. Single sheet Impact resistant 3000 Series aluminium skin to side and ceiling panels means there are two less exterior seams. Flush fit bonded windows and exterior service doors with no external fittings. Flush fit bonded front windows with integral water management system. As a result there has been a 90% reduction in the number of external joints and fixing points.

Stronger Shell

  • Structural support supplied by external framework. Panels manufactured using superior bead application laminating technology for a stronger more consistent bond. Panels cloaked in a single sheet Impact resistant 3000 Series aluminium skin. Integral bonded windows and exterior service doors provide additional structural support.

More Stable Shell

  • More aerodynamic profile with a single piece front and roof panel. Absence of front and rear plastic cloaking panels in the new design means less weight at the extremities of the structure. Caravan is fitted with the latest road safety equipment AL-KO ATC Trailer Control System; AL-KO AKS 3004 Stabiliser & AL-KO Shock Absorbers.

Lighter Shell

  • All design benefits have been achieved without a weight penalty. In fact an Alu-Tech bodyshell is 20-25kgs lighter than the equivalent classic construction version.

There are also Three Motorhome Ranges –
Bailey Advance,  Bailey Alliance and Bailey Autograph

Contact Details
Bailey of Bristol - Manufacturer
South Liberty Lane
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Contact the office on:
0117 966 5967

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