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Watling Towbars and Scooter Racks

About the Company

Watling Engineers manufacture a huge range of towing brackets with designs for cars, motorbikes and motorhomes.

Watling also carry out comprehensive caravan and trailer services and repairs, and have a fully stocked accessories shop.

Also supplied is a range of small trailers, parts and accessories which are ideal for both leisure and light commercial use.

Front Towbars

Many industries have used front mounted tow bars successfully for decades. It is second nature to them. The aircraft industry uses front mounted hitches to park aircraft which is possibly the worlds’ most difficult parking job!
The RNLI and other boating establishments such as slipway owners have for years understood the benefits of a front mounted tow-bar for launching boats.

If you turn up at almost any caravan or trailer manufacturer you will find a vehicle of some description with a front mounted towball pushing their trailers around the yard and manoeuvring them into and out of tight spots.

But the question remains – why are they so good?

Visibility – Well, for a start you can see where you are going.
It sounds obvious, but haven’t you ever thought, as you are peering round your headrest trying to miss a tree with the back end of your caravan, or hoping not to drive off the edge of the slipway that it would be much easier if you could actually see where you are going?

This is made even better as the towball is offset to the passenger’s side, which leaves the driver with a clear view.

Also available form Watling Engineers:

  • Air Suspension
  • Tracking Systems
  • Habitation Checks
  • Motorbike, Cycle and Scooter Carriers
  • Caravan Servicing and Repairs
  • Trailer Repairs
  • Towing and Trailer accessories
  • Bespoke Motorhome Towbars

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Watling Towbars and Scooter Racks
88 Park Street
St. Albans
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Contact the office on:
01727 873 661

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