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Glide-Rite Vehicle Access Solutions

About the Company

Glide-Rite specialise in the development of products for the motorhome and caravan market. These include products designed for passengers travelling on more specialist forms of transport, such as wheelchair accessible vehicles and emergency ambulances.

The Glide Rite range of products includes full air suspension, hydraulic self levelling jacks and semi air suspension.

Glide-Rite has been at the forefront of technology in the mobility sector for more than 37 years and are using this experience to become leading provider for the leisure industry.

Products available from Glide-Rite

  • Full Air Suspension
  • Semi Air Suspension
  • Side Steps
  • Winches
  • MAD Coil Springs
  • GVW Uprating
  • MA-VE Hydraulic Self Levelling Jacks
  • SR Mecatronic Automatic Satellite Systems
  • Tow Bars
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Vehicle Servicing
  • Webasto Heating Systems

Self Levelling Hydraulic System:

Advanced technology combined with simple and essential design with the use of the best materials ensure Glide-Rite make their products reliable are easy to use.

The system uses an electro-hydraulic pump and features a hand lever to retract the ‘feet’ in case of a breakdown of the unit.

All models of motorhome jacks are coated five times to increase durability against corrosion.

The large support plate prevents each jack from sinking into the ground which is strengthened by stainless steel ribs.

The system comes with an electronic control unit which can be used to operate the levelling both manually and automatically. It can also be used for different functions, such as the emptying of tanks.

The benefits of motorhome levelling systems:

Semi-Air Suspension:

If your vehicle’s suspension suffers under payload, you need Semi-Air, available from Glide-Rite.

Glide-Rite Products have developed a low-cost Semi-Air system to assist the existing steel suspension. Based on the design principle of Glide-Rite’s widely acclaimed full air suspension, Semi-Air utilises the latest technology to enable you to achieve the optimum chassis ride height, regardless of payload.

Using Semi-Air you not only prevent the rear of the vehicle sagging, but also increase the stability and handling, particularly when fully laden. Semi-Air utilises bespoke Firestone air bags mounted between the existing leaf springs and vehicle chassis.

The options are:

  • Semi Air – Leaf Springs on rear of vehicle
  • Semi Air – AL-KO Single otr Tag Axle
  • Full Air option also available

MAD Auxiliary Springs:

  • Auxiliary Springs increase safety
  • Auxiliary Springs improve road handling and comfort
  • MAD Auxiliary Springs come with a lifetime warranty
  • MAD offers an extensive catalogue for 99% of current passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Head office is the Wirral address, also Hampshire Workshops at
Mill Lane, Passfield, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7RP

  • Fully automatic hydraulic levelling jacks
  • You can change a tyre easily
  • You can winterise the vehicle
  • You have a control pad and mobile app
  • Free call out cover UK and Europe
  • Additional theft protection
  • Maintenance-free with 3 year warranty
  • Safety feature prevents driving off with hydraulic jacks deployed
  • Improved waste water drainage
  • Jacks are retracted hydraulically, preventing them from getting stuck in mud.
Contact Details
Glide-Rite Vehicle Access Solutions
4 Millbrook Road
CH41 1FL
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Contact the office on:
0151 638 8002

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