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Falcon Technical EVO 4G Internet

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Falcon EVO 4G Mobile Broadband Internet with MiMo Roof Antenna for Motorhomes and Caravans.

Your 4G solution for Caravan and Motorhome WiFi. An ultra low profile omni-directional roof mounted antenna with a WiFi hotspot allowing you to connect up to 10 devices at once and get up to five times the performance of your mobile phone.

Designed specifically for Motorhomes and Caravans the Falcon 4G internet system allows you to get online without having to rely on campsite WiFi and provides up to 5 times the 3G or 4G performance of your mobile phone thanks to the high performance roof mounted antenna.

The external omni-directional antenna is ultra low profile at just 62mm high.

The included MiFi hotspot connects to the 4G/3G network via the roof mounted antenna and provides a WiFi hotspot for you to connect all your devices.

The LCD screen on the front displays the network name and password as well as information about the connection including the current speed, data used and the number of devices connected via WiFi.

The MiFi unit also has its own internal battery which lasts for 6 hours so you can unplug it from the charging mount and take it with you for portable use although the performance will be much less than when used with the roof mount antenna.

The system works on all UK and EU frequencies for 4G LTE at speeds up to 150Mbps and is backwards compatible with 3G up to 42Mbps and even 2G networks where supported.

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Hill Farm
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0800 622 474

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