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A.S. Bikes

About the Company

AS Bikes provide a range of top quality electric folding bikes and standard folding bikes and incredible value for money prices.

For a Motorcaravan user, a Boat user or a Caravanner folding bikes are the ideal alternative transport solution.

All AS Bikes have been designed from the ground up and manufactured using a combination of the latest technology and styling, whilst also incorporating all of the useful traditional features you may be used to.

All A S bikes are solidly built, yet lightweight.

The Electric Folding Bikes:

  • The Electrobike Mk3 has 20″ Alloy Rims, a six speed twist Grip Gear System, Aluminum Alloy Frame, Mudguards, Folding Handlebars and Folding Pedals.
  • The Battery is Lithium 36V with a charge time of approx. 4 hours from flat.
  • The Drive is Pedal or Twist Grip throttle assisted electric with a range of 30 miles on pedal assistance or 60miles on twist grip throttle (depending on usage)
  • Top Speed is Approx 15mph
  • The Motor is 250W Brushless
  • Plus Rear Carrier, Quick release saddle, Quick release frame, Quick release handlebars
  • Total Weight – 18.5 Kg + 2.5Kg Battery
  • Folded Size – 850mm x 410mm x 800mm
  • Saddle Height – 750mm – 980mm
  • Handlebar Height – 1100mm
  • Wheelbase (between spindles) – 1070mm
  • The Electro Bike PLUS is the 26″ Full size model with all the same attributes above except for a total weight of 22 Kg + 2.75Kg Battery and a Folded Size of 1000mm x 400mm x 900mm

The Explorer folding bikes have 20″wheels and the Compact have 16″ wheels, with the ‘Plus’ models including suspension

These bikes are only available directly from AS Bikes or AS Toys via mail order or at the many leisure shows where there is an AS Bikes stand.

All bikes are fitted with Pedal Assist as since 2016 twist and go throttles are banned.

A full range of accessories are available, including:

  • Large Carry Bag, Anti Puncture Liquid
  • Electric Bike Battery, Front Bag
  • Rear Pannier, Comfort Saddle
  • LED Light Kits
Contact Details
A.S. Bikes (A.S. Toys Ltd)
Lakeview Farm
Coppice Close
Leamington Road
Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry
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Contact the office on:
02476 303228

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