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Reasons for using EZIPEG for your awning or tent

Do you know what pegs you need for your Motorhome, Caravan or Tent?

As Awnings and Tents have improved in quality and durability so has the ease and speed with which they can be erected. They are lighter and larger than in the past.  Therefore the pegs you require need a better grip to stop awning/tent from blowing away in the wind.

Enter the all new EZIPEG. Light and strong with an incredible grip. EZIPEG helps make your camping holiday a stress free success.

Benefits from using EZIPEG

Three sizes of EZIPEG are available small, medium and large. These pegs are strong and have Ten times more gripping power than a conventional wire peg. Manufactured from a strong Lightweight material. The pegs perform well in sand, soft soil, hard soil and even hard surfaces.

EZIPEG has its own adaptor to screw the peg in by hand or with a battery drill. Using a drill making things quick and easier than hammering in a conventional peg.  When it’s time to leave simply unscrew to remove (No peg extractor to worry about).

EZIPEG has a wide cut thread giving a strong hold that will not easily pull out. You do not need to screw the peg fully into the ground, just move the clip down to ground level.

EZIFOOT is designed to hold any awning foot strongly in place. EZIFOOT has an easy release mechanism to enable the awning foot to be removed. This enables you to put your motorhome awning away without removing the EZIFOOT or pegs from the ground.

The EZIFOOT is then still in place to retake the awning foot. Peace of mind knowing your awning is safer should the wind get up.

EZIPEG Kits are packaged in a bag. Kits weigh approx. 1.2Kg.

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