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Mirror Guard

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Once upon a time wing mirrors and door mirrors were simple panes of mirror glass in a metal frame.

If they got hit and broken they were fairly easy, simple and cheap to repair.

Not nowadays!

Door mirrors are now complex pieces of machinery. Twin lenses, heating elements, radio aerials, temperature sensors and indicator repeater lamps are all included in the large unit sticking out to the side of your motorhome.

If your mirror casing gets broken the cost of replacement is enormous!

Protection for this valuable part of your pride and joy is now available from Mirrorguard

Mirror Guard is:

  • Moulded from a strong material
  • Mounted and fixed by shock absorbing material
  • Colour coded to vehicle
  • Has bright colours to stand out against background
  • More visible to oncoming motorists
  • A small percentage of replacement cost
  • Easy DIY fitment

If you have a Fiat Ducato or Peugeot Boxer based motorhome you will be well aware of the lack of cupholders for that light refreshment on the move. Also the lack of a level place to put phones or small objects.

Mirrorguard has the answer with a handy moulded unit that fits on the top of the large central bin in your cab. Just the very useful extra you need to make your journey even more comfortable.

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