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About the Company

Buy My Caravan is the largest dedicated buyer of Caravans in the UK.

Buy My Caravans are always looking to buy and will purchase any make, any model of any age.

This is not an automatic process because there is no accurate and reliable ‘Book’ for valuing caravans.

One of BuyMyCaravan’s experienced valuers will value your caravan based on make, model, age and condition.

As you know, caravans have many variations and they may need to call you with a few additional questions, so please do include a phone number.

If you choose to accept the offer BuyMyCaravan will make the arrangements to collect your caravan for free and schedule payment to you for the caravan.
It really is simple – request valuation, receive offer, FREE collection, secure payment.

The Problems of Trying to Sell Your Caravan Yourself

There are a number of ways you can sell your caravan; like Autotrader, caravan magazines, local advertising, web advertising, eBay or even putting a for sale sign in the window. The problem is that the costs can mount up and you have absolutely no idea how long it might take to find a buyer, if at all.

There are also the security issues of having strangers looking over your vehicle at home and whether their payment is secure. This explains why most people are hesitant to try and sell privately ending up part exchanging their caravan at low value.

By using Buy My Caravan you get:

  • No more strangers coming to your door
  • No more racking up advertising cost
  • No more time wasters and tyre kickers
  • No more waiting in for people who don’t show up
  • Just an instant cash offer
  • Plus FREE collection!
Contact Details
Mansfield i-centre
Hamilton Way
NG18 5BR
Contact the office on:
01623 631102

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