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The TankBlanket system protects your fresh and waste water tanks from freezing during cold weather. It makes possible all year round four-season vehicle use.

TankBlanket is a tank heater that will prevent your fresh and waste water tanks from freezing. It is primarily a heat pad that has a remarkable track record of reliability and endurance, even at temperatures of -24°C! TankBlanket has been the leading winterisation heater pad in America for over twenty years.

The system can be installed on all leisure and utility support vehicles such as motorhomes, caravans, boats, ambulances and horseboxed, or just any vehicle that contains a fresh and waste water system.

TankBlanket is:

CE Certified

Able to withstand temperatures as low as -24°C

Easy to fit yourself – requires no drilling

Proven in the USA since 1991

The best motorhome & caravan tank heater on the market!

When switched ‘On’, TankBlanket automatically activates when the contents of your fresh or waste water tank drops to 7°C and deactivates when the contents reach 18°C. This keeps your tanks just outside the freeze zone and because TankBlanket cycles on and off automatically, energy consumption is minimised.

The whole Tankblanket range includes:

TankBlanket – Tank heater pad for fresh and waste water tanks

PipeBlanket – Pipe heater pad faor insulation of exposed pipework

iController – To monitor the ambient temperature and automatically switch the system On/Off

TankJacket – To improve the energy efficiency of your TankBlanket and add further insulation to your water tanks

PipeJacket – For unheated insulation of exposed pipework

WheelarchBlanket – For insulating the exposed vehicle wheel arches

WheelJacket – To protect against UV damage to tyre walls

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