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Grove Products Ltd — Efoy

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Having an EFOY fuel cell on board means you will have your own electrical power source wherever you go. For a similar cost to a Solar Panel System – but without the need for sunshine!

The EFOY charges the on board battery automatically. The integrated charge controller permanently monitors the charge level of the 12v battery.
If necessary the EFOY is automatically started and switched off again once the battery is charged. With an inverter you can also use 230v devices.

The EFOY 80

  • Maximum power: 40w
  • Charge capacity per day: 80Ah
  • Charge current @12v: 3.3A
  • Weight : 6.5kg

The EFOY 150

  • Maximum power: 75w
  • Charge capacity per day: 140Ah
  • Charge current @12v: 6.0A
  • Weight : 6.9kg

Extremely quiet!

EFOY fuel cells are so quiet that they won’t disturb your sleep. If the fuel cell is built into a subfloor, it’s nearly inaudible. That’s a big advantage over generators or wind turbines

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Grove Products Ltd - Efoy
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