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GPSLive Opens New Office in Slovakia to Support Growth in European Countries

GPSLive, one of the leading GPS tracking device providers in the UK, today announced the opening of their new office in Slovakia to support their expansion in Europe.

As a part of their mission to make their services available to more European citizens, GPSLive’s new branch will bolster the company’s growth by bringing its high-quality products one step closer to the residents of Europe.

The company has been operational in the United Kingdom for almost 10 years and offers affordable and reliable GPS tracking devices compatible with all types of vehicles and assets. With customers in more than 64 countries, GPSLive strives to expand its reach within Europe by setting up its new office in Slovakia.

With its ideallocation in Europe, the Slovakia office will fortify the position of GPSLive as one of the industry leaders in GPS-based technologies. Their new office will help the company to meet the growing demands of businesses throughout the continent due to the pandemic, and it will play a key role in their expansion efforts.

In a statement, Bilen Saribardak, CEO of GPSLive, said,“Slovakia is an attractive destination for delivery and transportation businesses. We are delighted to be opening an office in NoveZamky, Slovakia. The office will be initially used to support our customers in the EU, and we will offer our services in Poland and the Czech Republic in the future in line with our growth strategy.”

GPSLive has a wide range of smart GPSsystems designed to improve the security of vehicles and improve productivity for fleet businesses. Vehicle owners and business managers can track the movements of their vehicles in real-time and ensure that they are protected against all types of theft and tampering.

By harnessing GPS and telematics data, business owners and managers gain valuable insight into their operations and access vital information such as temperature fluctuations in a cargo hold, fuel consumption and driver behaviour. Wireless sensors onboard GPS tracking devices can detect the slightest change in fuel, oil, temperature and humidity levels, allowing businesses to keep track of their sensitive shipments and take action when necessary.

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GPSLive and Rewire Security have been in business in the UK since 2012, providing tailor-made fleet management solutions to thousands of business in 64 countries.


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