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National Caravan Council Survey shows up 77% think a Motorhome Holiday is Socially Acceptable

The NCC has commissioned a New Study to track how consumer attitudes are changing towards UK holidays and short breaks as a direct result of the coronavirus.

The quantitative tracking study assesses over 2,000 adults (weighted to be nationally representative) in each ‘wave’ of the study, sampled at regular intervals. 

It covers a wide range of thought-provoking questions that impact the industry including: 

  • How consumer holiday and short break plans have been impacted so far?
  • Whether consumers will still attend sports events, festivals, shows and other mass gatherings in the first few months after lockdown?
  • If consumers have the appetite to return to holidaying after the lockdown restrictions, in the same numbers?
  • How socially acceptable consumers perceive holidays and short breaks in leisure vehicles and holiday parks in the first few months after lockdown ends?
  • What activities are most looked forward to after the lockdown?

The results are the first wave of a series of research waves to take a regular check on the changing UK consumer attitudes and intentions as the COVID-19 story unfolds. 

Each wave will reflect an increasing consumer awareness about the social and economic steps the country will be taking towards recovery. The findings will reveal how their views are changing, and how this impacts the UK leisure industry 

Study on how COVID-19 is impacting UK consumer attitudes to holidays and short breaks, and how this is likely to impact our industry 

70% of UK adults have said they perceive a Holiday Caravan type holiday in the UK as socially acceptable, even in the first 6 months after the restrictions are lifted. 

The equivalent figure for a Motorhome type holiday in the UK is even higher at 77%, indicating a general social acceptability of these types of holiday immediately following lockdown restrictions being lifted. 

This is much less the case for a holiday trip to a major European City (45%), or a European beach holiday (47%) 

The Full Survey can be viewed HERE

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