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EZIPEGS are Screw –In Pegs that are used in place of traditional straight pegs hammered in with a mallet.

EZIPEGS  give a more secure fixing to the ground for your awning, tent or windbreak.

EZIPEGS can be hand tightened with the or screwed in with an electric drill.

EZIPEGS are suitable for hard, stoney ground, by using the height-adjustable hook.

Made from reinforced UV resistant fibreglass or aluminium, they are strong and light.

Quick and easy to put in with an electric drill, saving a lot of time and effort!

When it’s time to leave, just unscrew them – it’s so easy!

Enjoy the ease of screwing a EZIPEG in with a cordless drill. Be reassured by its incredible holding power and secure clip. It is not necessary to fully screw a Ezi Peg in. Providing the thread is below the ground and feels secure, move the clip to ground level and hook on.

With an ordinary peg it is sometimes necessary to dovetail them, otherwise they just pull out. With a EZIPEG the load can be applied vertically as the holding power is so much greater. Always ensure that the clip is attached as close to the ground as possible.

The larger Aluminium and Plastic pegs come with an adjustable clip, so just like the standard peg it is not necessary to fully home the peg. The clip for these pegs fits neatly over the top for easy attachment and quick release, just attach the clip to the end of a guy rope or pegging rubber and hook on. These Pegs are very popular with Micro-Lite owners.

The anchor plate, called Fix and Go is suitable for most kinds of awning leg, storm strap or tent pole. Awning-poles or tent-poles are securely fixed between the orange sliders. The base plate prevents the poles from sinking into soft ground or lifting in the wind. If the peg hits a stone and will not go fully down, simply loosen the peg and slide the blue clip across and re-screw.

Even EZIPEGS struggle on some hard standings. So a hammer-in, screw-out peg has been developed which we are calling ‘HardCore’.
It’s short, dumpy and light. Hammer it in and once the threaded part is below ground and the grip is strong enough to hold, simply slide the blue clip over the head and hook on.

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