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About the Company

Specialised Covers has been the original cover company since it burst onto the market in 1981. More than three decades later Specialised Covers is still the authority in protecting and preserving cars, caravans and motorcycles.

Over the years Specialised Covers has built strong relationships with the automotive industry’s most prestigious manufacturers, and is proud to supply the biggest and most well known names in the caravan industry.

What are the advantages of a tailored caravan cover?

  • Specialised Covers has developed the perfect tailored cover for your caravan. Using their unrivalled all-weather Webflex TLP – a unique multi layered fabric designed to protect your caravan whilst providing a fully waterproof and breathable surface that prevents water penetrating through.
  • A tailored caravan cover will provide extensive protection from adverse weather conditions, bird droppings, pollution, dirt, and UV damage. An additional advantage is the deterrent to thieves, as entrance through windows is restricted. Rubber seals around windows, which can sometimes cost £150 to replace per window, are protected whilst curtains, furniture and decals will be protected from fading.

What other features can I expect from my cover?

  • Each tailored caravan cover is made to measure to the exact requirements of your caravan with allowances for aerials, guttering, flues and air conditioning units ensuring your van is perfectly functional. Other features include a Velcro door allowing access to and from your caravan, Webflex backing preventing scratches to paintwork and buckled straps help fasten the cover in place.

What products are available?

  • Each tailored cover is specifically made to order in advance, allowing customers to make their cover completely bespoke with customised styling.
  • The Towing Protector is Specialised Covers universal solution for protecting the front of your caravan whilst towing. The Towing Protector is designed to prevent stone chips and debris from the road, weather effects and other unwanted elements you’re likely to face whilst towing your caravan.
  • If you’re tired of damage being cause whilst towing and fed up of arriving on site and having to clean down the front of your caravan then the Tow Pro is the perfect solution.
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Specialised Covers
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